About us

About Us

The Company

Panthea is the European leader of surtitling solutions for the performing arts and provides an all-inclusive surtitling service, from editing and translation of surtitles, to technical implementation in venues and service during performances.

Panthea’s mission is to make theatre, opera and performance as accessible as possible for everyone, beyond language barriers and individual disibilities.

Passionate teams based in Berlin and Paris joined forces in 2016 to create Panthea, establishing a technology centre in Berlin, Europe’s surtitle capital. Panthea also manages Theatre in Paris, an online theatre box office for international visitors in Paris, Europe’s most visited city.

Panthea runs high quality surtitling projects all across Europe and beyond, and develops innovative surtitling solutions, including the cloud-based surtitling software Spectitular and multilingual smartglass solutions.


shows surtitled in 2019


nationalities among our spectators


years’ experience in surtitling

Our Philosophy


Open theatre and opera to all audiences,
beyond language barriers and disabilities


Find the perfect solution
for each production
and every spectator


Mix technologies to design
innovative solutions for
the performing arts


Share our passion for surtitling
and evolve together
with each project

The Team

Carl de Poncins

President & CEO France

Anna Kasten

COO Panthea Germany

David Maß

Vice-President & CEO Germany

Christophe Plotard

COO Panthea France

Romain Beytout

Artistic director

Ilja Fontaine

Special project manager

Kristian Kamph

Director of development - CTO

Ellen Gallagher

Administration & Community Management Germany

Aurélien Foster

Surtitle Manager France

Paris Panthea

Berlin Panthea

We want you too!

We are always looking for freelancers, theatres, operas and festivals to enrich our network.

Surtitlers, Subtitlers, Translators, Interpreters

We are looking for professional freelancers, eloquent native speakers, and theatre enthusiasts who enjoy working with text and ideally have experience with surtitling or subtitling. Panthea’s work focuses on the set up and translation of surtitles, subtitles, dramatic and literary texts, theatre programmes, and cultural websites.

We are also looking for simultaneous interpreters with professional experience and strong communication skills for workshops, conferences, and accompanying foreign groups at festivals.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the team!

Theatres, Operas & Festivals

We are looking for theatre, opera, and festival partners who are interested in approaching the question of surtitles and accessibility in a professional manner. If you are interested in installing a state of the art surtitling system, we can advise and accompany you through this process. We can develop the best solution(s) together and bring internationalisation and accessibility to the next level.

We are also happy to assist you with all questions related to surtitling before, during, and after your event.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner or working with us in any facet.

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