Surtitling Expertise

Surtitling Expertise

Surtitling (also known as supertitling) is the art of integrating translation and bespoke texts into live performances.
By combining text and the use of innovative media, we aim to find the best possible solution for each audience member.
Surtitles should merge with the production, disappear into it, and bring it to another level.

Surtitling Pioneers

Panthea is the European leader in innovative surtitle solutions for the performing arts. We rely on a trusted network of highly experienced professionals, based mainly in France and Germany, who have been active in the surtitling industry for almost 20 years.

Our team has been amongst the first to introduce regular supertitles to speakers of different languages, notably in Berlin and Paris. We stay at the forefront of innovation by constantly developing our skills, implementing new technologies and partnering with the best artists and talents.

Our Services

LOKIS | Łukasz Twarkowski | Festival Theaterformen, 2019

We provide all-inclusive surtitling solutions:

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