Panthea is a network, and we are keen to share our network’s knowledge. Our priority is to create an awareness of the relevance of translation and access within the performing arts. We work in a highly professionalised field and are surrounded by specialists who love what they do. Through our workshops in your venues, we want to help give more people the opportunity to establish independent teams who will, in co-operation with other departments (Dramaturgy, Direction, Stage Design, Technicians, Sound/Video and Lighting), take care of translation and access in a sustainable manner. Beyond the workshops, we of course remain a point of contact and always welcome conversation.

Available workshop models

Together, we can design your workshop so that individual issues and your venue’s specific requirements are addressed, and solutions are found. It’s important to us that, come the end of the workshop, a thorough understanding of the importance of surtitling is achieved and that access in theatre and opera is reflected upon.

Possible workshops and modules
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– The philosophy of surtitling
– The pact with the performers
– The pact with the audience
– Visual examples of completed projects
– Golden Rules

– An introduction to designing surtitles
– Working with video and sound recordings
– The invisible matrix
– The sushi principle
– Designing surtitles – Exercises
– Introduction to operating surtitles
– Ideal workstations for theatre and opera
– Operating surtitles – Exercises
– Quality control
– Continual improvement

– Why use professional software for surtitling?
– Basic functions
– Workflow and best practice
– Collaboration in teams
– Creating subtitles using [S]
– Quality control

– Essential components for an innovative system aimed at full access
– [S] – For advanced users
– Surtitle systems with several screens and mobile devices
– User specific content
– Streaming options
– Examples of existing innovative systems
– Future prospects

Due to current circumstances, we offer all workshops and training sessions online.

Examples of our workshops and training:

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