Inclusion is important to us. That’s why, in addition to surtitling in foreign languages, we develop innovative solutions to widen audience accessibility for the d/Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing. Both open and closed captioning can be offered simultaneously, using individual and customisable mobile devices. We also team up with specialized professionals to provide audio description for audience-members with a visual impairment.

We accompany theatres, operas and festivals during the devising and realisation of flexible or permanent surtitle solutions.

Let’s work together to make the performing arts more accessible for everyone!

“Tablet Project” at NTGent

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Video presenting the project with NTGent 

Together with NTGent and the University of Antwerp’s Department of Applied Linguistics/Translators and Interpreters, we are working on a project that pursues the idea of all-round accessible theatre. The performances of COMPASSIE, directed by Milo Rau, on 4th and 5th March 2020 in Minnemeers at NTGent will strive to be equally accessible for people with visual impairments and blind people through the use of audio description as for people with hearing impairments and the Deaf the use of translation into Flemish sign language and surtitles.

Our surtitle software, [S], brings these threads together on a technical level in that it allows an individual to simultaneously trigger the various versions. The users will have the opportunity to individually choose their preferred version, which will then be audible, visible and legible on the tablets distributed:

  • Audio description via sound recording
  • Flemish sign language via video
  • Surtitles adapted for the hard of hearing and d/Deaf people
  • Interlingual surtitles

With this project, we want to explore the realm of possibilities together with further partners who, along with our existing partners, also want to ensure that accessibility in theatre, opera and the performing arts is no longer an exception.  

Do you want to make your venue more accessible?

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