Past Projects

Past Projects

We combine and integrate different services and technologies to provide the best surtitle solution for each production and every spectator. 
Thanks to our years of experience in the field of the performing arts, we have had the opportunity of
cooperating with outstanding people in incredible places to create innovative projects together.

Looking for a tailor-made surtitling solution?

A few examples of past projects

Vögel | Schauspiel Stuttgart, Schauspiel Köln, Burgtheater Wien | 2019

Multiple positioning

  • Surtitle signal integrated in video

  • Video projection integrated in the scenography

  • Surtitles appearing on different positions, close to the action

La réunification des deux Corées
MC 93 Bobigny | 2018

Technical advice, hardware rental and surtitle set up

  • Modular frameless LED screen (300 x 50, Pitch 2.9) 

  • Invisible hanging

Iphigenie | Volksbühne Berlin | 2018

Surtitle set-up for the opening production

  • German translation integrated in live video

  • English translation projected on the sides in different layout

Staatsoper unter den Linden | 2017-2019

Conception of the new surtitle system during venue’s renovation

  • Two framed LED screens (400 x 50, Pitch 2.9)

  • Equipment, including monitors, computers and accessories

  • Spectitular Opera Edition

Live streaming for public viewing

  • Integration of the signal in broadcast signal

Mitleid | Schaubühne | 2016-2019

Surtitle set-up and operation (repertory & tour)

  • Video projection

  • Surtitle signal integrated in live video 

Théâtre Édouard VII | 2015-2019

Production and implementation of surtitles

  • Video projection
  • Multilingual surtitles on smartglasses 

DOs and DON'Ts | Rimini Protokoll | 2018

Site-specific performance in truck

  • Surtitling on individual mobile devices

Barbican | 2017

Live streaming over internet​

  • Integration of surtitles in web streaming 

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