Adding a new dimension to surtitling!​​

We have been pioneering the use of smartglasses for performance accessibility: after a first successful run at the Avignon Festival in 2015, we are now operating several other projects in different cities in Europe, including Paris, Berlin and Avignon. This new technology enables surtitles to be shown in individual spectators’ eyelines. Surtitles in an alternative language can simultaneously be displayed above or beside the stage.

Assets & Features

Enhanced spectator experience

Individual adjustment for maximum comfort
and optimal surtitle positioning

choice of language

Choose the desired titles
from all available languages


Revolutionary accessibility aid
for the d/Deaf or hard of hearing

Clear field of vision

Removal of visual disturbance for
audience members not requiring surtitles

Audience development

Attract new spectators
and open up your audience

Facilitate professional partnerships

Enhance international collaboration
with producers and festival directors from abroad

Our Services

Panthea has an unmatched expertise in this field and can offer:


Integration of a permanent
smartglasses-based surtitling system

Full project

Training sessions
to enable your staff
to operate the equipment

Glasses out of the Box

We always seek to offer practical, ergonomic and efficient solutions, even during complicated setups. Therefore we have developed a specially designed case to safely and easily transport the smartglasses.

Our “Glasses out of the Box” includes:

  • Up to 10 smartglasses
  • Batteries & set of cables
  • Also available upon demand: a mobile Wi-Fi system in a rack

Example of project : Festival d'Avignon

What people are saying


“So very cool! It made the understanding of the opera possible”

Mrs. Sayer, USA

Don Pasquale, Opéra de Paris - June 2018

“Amazing. Helpful. Breathtaking.”

Anamarta de Pizarro, director of the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival of Bogotá (FITB), Colombia

Saigon, Festival d'Avignon - July 2017

“I am no longer obliged to look away from the stage to read surtitles”

Colette L, France

Antigone, Festival d'Avignon - July 2017

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