Online Events

Online Events

Zoom Webinar for Tanz im August | #2 Happy to Listen “Inviting Anti-Ableist Futures”​​​​

We provide coordination, implementation, and hosting services for your projects, streaming events, webinars, and roundtables via Zoom. Other similar providers such as Jitsi, Google Meet, Big Blue Button are available on demand.

Additionally, our team can offer advanced configurations as well as assistance with technical complexities and content. We can find the right person from our network to help make your event more accessible and inclusive through live transcription, simultaneous translation into other spoken languages or sign languages. These services can be integrated into your livestream and broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

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Streaming: Importing and Producing Subtitles

_jeanne_dark_ | Marion Siéfert Fast Forward Festival | 2020 © Margaux Vendassi & Panthea

In order to maintain a connection with their audiences, many theatres and opera houses now offer streaming, live, or on-demand broadcasts of performances. This new service also allows for potential audiences in other regions and countries to enjoy these digital performances.

Our software Spectitular allows us to produce multilingual subtitles for international audiences at a rapid pace, a service which can also be adapted for people who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing. In this way, you can endeavour to welcome as broad an audience as possible.

Our partners include HAU, Schaubühne, Berliner Festspiele, and the platform SPECTYOU.

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