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Epson / Panthea - Festival D'Avignon

University of Hildesheim publishing a study on
surtitling “smartglasses” for people
with hearing disabilities and/or impairments


For her MA thesis, Stegmann researched how smartglasses can improve the experience of  deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals at the theatre.
Panthea provided her with access to its smartglasses and its software Spectitular.
Read her study to learn more about her conclusions.

Study in German


Our solutions during
the Covid-19 Pandemic


We are taking active steps alongside our partners to cope with this unprecedented situation: discover the three main spheres of activity
around which you can make best use of our expertise.


Fedora Ambassadors
Carl de Poncins


Carl de Poncins, CEO and co-founder of Panthea, shares his thoughts on how digital innovation can help make opera and ballet more accessible. 

NT Gent

live performance accessibility
with the NT Gent


Learn more about our tablet project with the NT Gent and how we were able to offer
our very first globally accessible performance!

Theatre in Paris celebrated its sixth birthday last week!


Check out the video we made for Theatre in Paris’ sixth birthday,
our theatre box office for international audiences.

Edouard VII

Théâtre Édouard VII
Press release


Théâtre Édouard VII describes its surtitling service on smartglasses
for both international audience members and for those with hearing impairments.

Press release in French

Frou-frou les Bains

smartglasses for the hearing impaired
at the Théâtre Édouard VII


Our surtitling smartglasses are available for the whole season at the Théâtre Édouard VII, both for both international audience members and those with hearing impairments.


Showcase at the
Biennales Internationales du Spectacle


Come see us next Wednesday and Thursday
at our next tradeshow #BIS (Biennales Internationales du Spectacle) on booth 92 in Nantes.

Epson / Panthea - Festival D'Avignon

Epson Europe


Festival d’Avignon enhances the spectator experience using Epson Moverio and surtitling from Panthea

Click on the link below to watch a video featuring our surtitling smartglasses at Festival d’Avignon 2019, designed specifically for foreign tourists and audience members
with hearing disabilities. 

Ensemble pour mieux entendre

Hear Better Together,
an initative
by Bucodes SurdiFrance


Panthea presented its surtitling solutions for the deaf and hearing impaired
at the “Ensemble pour mieux entendre (Hear better together)” event.

Epson / Panthea - Festival D'Avignon by Ian Wallman

Festival d'Avignon
Press Release


Written in collaboration with L’Institut Français, Festival d’Avignon, La Caisse d’Épargne
and Epson, this Press Release presents our surtitling service on smartglasses
at Festival d’Avignon 2019. 

Press Release in French


Stage|Set|Scenery fair
in Berlin


Panthea will be featuring its innovative surtitle solutions
at the Stage|Set|Scenery fair in Berlin at booth 100e in Hall 20


Official partner of the Festival d'Avignon 2019


Panthea is the official partner of the Festival d’Avignon 2019
for the multilingual surtitling of five shows on smartglasses.


Panthea at the
Opera Europa Conference


Panthea is pleased to be presenting on its innovative surtitling solutions
at the Opera Europa conference happening at Opera Bastille.


AR smartglasses
at the
Opéra National de Paris


Over 200 people were able to enjoy subtitles in 5 different languages at Opéra Garnier,
thanks to our innovative surtitling smartglasses.


Panthea wins
the French-German
Economy Award


Panthea wins the Jury’s Special Prize of the prestigious French-German Economy Award, distinguishing companies that have carried out exemplary projects of cooperation
between the two countries.


AR smartglasses at the
Festival d'Avignon 2017


Panthea is the official partner of the 2017 Avignon Theatre Festival
for the multilingual surtitling of four shows with our smartglasses.


the IFCIC Prize 2017


Panthea won the Prize of Cultural Entrepreneurship 2017,
awarded by the French Ministry of Culture and the IFCIC,
France’s foremost credit institution for the financing of cultural industries.


Die Tageszeitung


Heimtheater für alle

Streaming offers were all over the internet as a response to theatres’ closure
and were a huge success with the public.  
Panthea provided subtitles for a great majority of the plays listed in this article.  

Article in German

La Lettre du Spectacle

La Lettre du Spectacle


Des lunettes connectées pour les publics sourds

More info on our surtitling smartglasses at the Théâtre Édouard VII, available for free for the deaf and hard of hearing audience members, 3 nights a week for the show “Frou-Frou les Bains”.

To subscribe :

Article in French


Swiss Info


Non-German speakers can finally
go to the theatre in Zurich

Find out more about the implementation of our surtitling software Spectitular
at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, in Switzerland.

La Scène


Des lunettes connectées pour tous

Carl de Poncins, our CEO Panthea France explains in details
the multilingual individual subtitling service on smartglasses.

Article in French

scène web



Des lunettes de surtitrage pour les spectateurs étrangers au Festival d’Avignon

Panthea offers a multilingual surtitling service on smartglasses for 5 shows
during the 73th Festival d’Avignon.

Article in French

Logo The Theatre Times

The Theatre Times


Glasses that translate? How is this possible?


“I tested Panthea’s subtitling Smartglasses during the Festival of Avignon: hats off!”

France Musique

France Musique


Les lunettes connectées de Panthéa 

A French radio station, France Music, focuses on current highlights in the world of music
and that includes Panthea’s smartglasses: a brand-new solution for surtitling at the opera!

Article in French


Goethe-Institut Frankreich


Binôme France Allemagne : Allez hop !

A presentation of Panthea, a dynamic startup specialised in surtitling, operating from
France and Germany.

Article in French

Bühnentechnische Rundschau


Berlin ist die Hauptstadt der Übertitelung

A very exhaustive profile of Panthea that will tell you more about the origins of surtitling,
our surtitling products, our numerous partners in Berlin and much more! 

Article in German




A new approach to surtitling

ArtTech, a non-profit organisation, dedicated to helping the arts and culture
adapt and thrive in a digital age, is presenting one of their partner : Panthea.


Le comptoir
des solutions


Des lunettes connectées pour tous

Spectitular, an individual surtitling software launched by Panthea, makes theatres and operas accessible for audience members with hearing impairments.

Article in French

TMN Lab Logo



L’appropriation d’outils numériques
par la création artistique et pour sa diffusion

Communication strategies and innovation of digital services: Panthea’s customised
surtitling smartglasses.

Article in French

scène web

Scène Web


Dider Ruiz met Avignon en Trans

A focus on the show “Trans”, performed during the 72th Festival d’Avignon and surtitled
by Panthea.

Article in French

Ouest France

Ouest France


Des lunettes connectées pour tous

Carl de Poncins, our CEO Panthea France explains in details the multilingual individual
surtitling service on smartglasses.

Article in French

Ministère de la culture

Forum Entreprendre Culture


Rencontre avec Carl de Poncins, président et co-fondateur de Panthea

Winner of the 2017 French Prize “IFCIC-Entreprendre dans la Culture” (“Being an entrepreneur
in the cultural sector”), Carl de Poncins, president and co-founder of Panthea was invited to explain how the company expanded over the years.

Article in French

Label corporate

Label Corporate


Panthea / Theatre in Paris Awards Story

As one of its verified support structure, LabelCorporate describes Panthea’s service
and lists its numerous awards.

Article in French


New York Times


Enjoy Paris Without Letting Language Get in the Way

Theatre in Paris translates French theater performances into English in Parisian playhouses.

Culture veille



Les interviews des Biennales Internationales du Spectacle (BIS2018)

Digital technology serves the performing arts: interview with Ilja Fontaine from Panthea
during the BIS (Biennales Internationales du Spectacle), a tradeshow specialised
in the performing arts. 

Interview in French

Europe 1 logo

Europe 1


Des lunettes qui sous-titrent les pièces de théâtre, les spectacles et l’opéra

Panthea’s surtitling smartglasses for theatres and operas were featured on the radio chronicles
“The Innovation of the Day”.

Article in French

BFM Business


Avec ces lunettes, on peut apprécier un spectacle en VO sans être polyglotte

BFM Business features our surtitling smartglasses, a useful tool to make shows accessible to
foreign audience members but also international programmers.

Article in French




Des lunettes connectées pour tous

Carl de Poncins, our CEO Panthea France explains in details the surtitling service
on individual multilingual smartglasses.

Article in French

Logo Business France Traveler

Business France Traveler


France-Allemagne : des entreprises qui coopèrent

Panthea was awarded the Special Jury’s Prize during the 4th edition of the
French-German Economy Prize for its surtitling smartglasses.

Article in French


The Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Les lauréats du Prix Franco-Allemand de l'Economie 2017

The 4th edition of the Franco-German Economy Prize awarded the 2017 Special Jury’s Price
to Panthea for its innovative surtitling solutions.

Article in French


Le Monde


Les lunettes connectées font de l’œil à Avignon

A new way of reading subtitles were tested out during the Festival d’Avignon 2017 :
spectators experienced Panthea’s surtitling smartglasses.

Article in French

Brodway World

Broadway World


Paris sees record number of French productions open doors to foreigners with Theatre in Paris

“In 2016, no fewer than 13 renowned productions (compared to seven in 2015) in the city
welcomed internationals. […] This phenomenon is growing thanks to the company Theatre in Paris, specialised in surtitling.”

L'écho touristique

L'Echo Touristique


Quand le tourisme culturel se dope au digital

Theatre in Paris offers English surtitling in theatres, allowing international tourists to discover
French culture through the performing arts.

France Inter

France inter


Théâtre : des lunettes connectées pour traduire les pièces

On the radio “France Inter”, Emmanuel Moreau interviews Carl de Poncins,
president and co-founder of Theatre in Paris who presents his company’s solutions
to attract foreigners in theatres : English surtitling and surtitling smartglasses.

Interview in French


Le Point


Lunettes de traduction, surtitres:
les théâtres parisiens veulent séduire les touristes

Theatre in Paris provides English surtitles to Parisian theatres to make them accessible
to foreign spectators.

Article in French




Une nouvelle technologie de surtitrage

World premiere at the 69th Festival of Avignon: Theatre in Paris’ multilingual subtitling Smartglasses.

Article in French

The Telegraph

The Telegraph


Top Paris theatres convert to English 'surtitles'
to help foreigners

Theatre in Paris introduces English surtitles in Parisian theatres to bring non-French speakers
to the theatre.

Europe 1 logo

Europe 1


Les sous-titres débarquent au théâtre

The start-up Theatre in Paris offers Parisian theatres surtitles for live English-language shows.
The objective? To attract foreign spectators.

Article in French