Supertitles Out Of The Box

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Hardware equipment specially designed for touring
Available for rent or sale

Panthea has designed an all-in-one flight case specially designed for touring, containing all LED equipment for perfect surtitling both on the road and at home. [SUPERTITLES OUT OF THE BOX] is composed of frameless 50x50cm modules. It can be customized in various sizes and has an invisible hanging system to integrate with the most complex sets.

  • High resolution: pixel pitches 2.5 or 2.9 mm
  • Excellent readability, also suitable for video use
  • Ajustable brightness (from 2 000 nits to total black out)
  • light and extremely robust modules with smart interconnections
  • A custom-built flight case
  • Backup spare parts kit for full security, 3-year warranty

A custom made control unit

A “ready to use” set allowing to patch the controller on stage for a quick check before hanging, then immediately connecting it when back at workplace. Different controllers by Novastar available, according to your needs.

  • Novastar HD Pro
  • Novastar VX6S
  • Standard back up with Novastar MCTRL 660
control unit

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Exclusive: an invisible hanging system

Specially developped by Panthea to ensure an optimal aesthetic result, this absolutely unique system allows to integrate surtitling panels in best harmony with the scenography with no disturbing hanging bars.

  • Ultra fast installation
  • Available with our without protection frame
  • Only cables, no unsightly appendixes
  • The display seems to float in the air

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