The Surtitles of Tomorrow

PANTHEA is now running projects with smartglasses in several cities across Europe, including Paris, Lyon, Berlin and London.

How It Works

With smartglasses, the translation of the dialogue is no longer projected above the stage. Instead, it is shown individually on connected smartglasses. This technology allows a flawless integration with the performance on stage. Within the same field of vision, audience members can fully enjoy the text and the staging. Backstage, an operator simultaneously synchronises the text in all individual smartglasses.

  • A new way to interact with the plays by viewing both the show and the surtitles, no matter where the action takes place
  • The elimination of visual disturbances for other audience members who do not need the surtitles
  • The possibility to add as many surtitling languages as desired
  • A revolutionary accessibility aid for those who are hearing impaired