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Surtitling is the art of projecting translations above a stage during a theatre or opera performance, in synchronisation with the actors.
Our team has been amongst the first to introduce surtitles for foreign visitors, notably in Berlin, following the vision of Schaubühne director Thomas Ostermeier.
PANTHEA is made up of highly experienced teams in Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany, that have been active in surtitling for more than 15 years.

A Leader in Surtitling for Performing Arts

PANTHEA is the European leader of surtitling solutions for performing arts. It is the only company that offers complete services in this field. In 2016, the company provided surtitles for over 1500 performances and welcomed guests of more than 60 nationalities.

What Panthea Does

  • Produces surtitles in a variety of languages
  • Provides surtitling hardware equipment
  • Innovates with mobile device solutions, including smartglasses
  • Operates surtitles during performances

A Ticketing Website in France

PANTHEA also operates the ticketing website www.theatreinparis.com in France, a website that allows foreign visitors to book theatre tickets for performances with English surtitles in Paris.


David Mass profile photo
David Mass
Vice-President & CEO Germany
Carl de Poncins profile photo
Carl de Poncins
President & CEO
Anna Kasten profile photo
Anna Kasten
COO Panthea Germany
Christophe Plotard profile photo
Christophe Plotard
COO Panthea France
Romain Beytout profile photo
Romain Beytout
Artistic Director


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